Our Country Voted to Keep Energy ‘Made in America’

WASHINGTON – November 4, 2020 – Anne Bradbury, the CEO of the American Exploration and Production Council, released the following statement about Americans support for domestic energy production in 2020 Elections:

“This November, our country voted to keep energy ‘Made in America.’ As fracking became a national issue in this year’s presidential and state elections, it is clear – now more than ever – that Americans want a steady supply of affordable and reliable energy to be produced right here in America.

“Innovative technologies like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are employed from Texas to Pennsylvania to safely and cleanly extract our vast supplies of crude oil and clean natural gas.  It is through these resources that our people have jobs, our states have resources, and our nation has energy security.

“While we don’t know the final results of some races, we do know that Americans voted for fracking, and in support of American energy workers and domestic production of oil and natural gas.”

About the American Exploration and Production Council:
AXPC is a national trade association representing the largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States. We lead the world in the cleanest and safest onshore production of oil and gas, while supporting millions of Americans in high-paying jobs and investing a wealth of resources in our communities. Learn more at https://www.axpc.org/

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