AXPC Participation in EPA Listening Session for Oil and Gas Methane Rule

WASHINGTON –  Today, American Exploration and Production Council Vice President of Regulatory Policy, Wendy Kirchoff, participated in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) listening session for the upcoming oil and natural gas methane rule, highlighting that:

AXPC supports regulation of methane that encourages innovation and flexibility, allows, and incentivizes technology for compliance, quantifies the feasibility of costs and benefits for existing facilities, avoids duplicative state and federal regulation – and is in line with the Clean Air Act.

Industry approaches and technologies have changed significantly since 2016. For years, our members have worked collaboratively with EPA staff to enhance regulatory clarity and the ability to incorporate technological advancements.


Our industry operates under the highest environmental standards in the world.  Our commitment to environmental protection is clear, as the United States is a world leader in both energy production, and CO2 emissions reductions over the past two decades.

The full statement can be found here, which discusses AXPC’s hope to continue collaborative discussions to ensure regulations are effective and workable, our industry’s investment and development of emissions reduction technologies which can be utilized in the field, ways the US can capitalize on opportunities to further emissions reductions here and abroad, the need for EPA recognize the economics and circumstances that are different for existing and new sources, and the importance of federal regulations that are both workable and can withstand legal scrutiny.


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