USLNG Exports Support Affordable Energy, American Jobs, and Climate Leadership

With the arrival of winter, and home heating costs continuing to increase, there has been much discussion in Americans’ homes about the rising costs of energy – and discussions in Washington about ways to alleviate those rising costs, including restricting exports of domestic resources.  But, restricting exports of US liquefied natural gas (USLNG) is not […]

Pulling Crude from SPR Will Not Alleviate Rising Energy Costs

The signs of inflation are everywhere – from the grocery store to the gas pump.  And, as we head into winter, rising costs are hitting Americans’ home heating bills, too.  Everywhere people go, they are having to spend more money, and people are looking to their elected officials to help ease the “pain at the […]

The Administration Can Support Low Energy Prices

Everyone wants reliable energy – it powers everyday lives, our supply and manufacturing chains, our travel, and our entertainment. Unreliable energy would completely disrupt our daily lives and longer-term planning.  But, Americans also need their energy to be affordable.  All our travel, monthly bills, and purchases become more expensive when the price of energy goes […]

A “Methane Fee” Puts America’s Progress in Jeopardy

By: Anne Bradbury, AXPC CEO In the next few weeks, Congressional Democrats will try to push a massive $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that includes numerous tax increases on the American people and puts our environmental progress in jeopardy. The bill is likely to include a ‘methane fee,’ that is targeted at America’s oil and […]

SEC’s Mission is to Regulate the Securities Markets

During the Obama administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published guidance clarifying how publicly traded companies should apply existing SEC disclosure rules to the risk climate change development may pose to their business.  Now, Biden Administration SEC has said that climate-related disclosures are a top priority; thus, the agency solicited comments on how public […]

The CLEAN Future Act Could Cripple the American Oil & Gas Industry

The House Energy & Commerce Committee leadership’s CLEAN Future Act is being presented as “comprehensive legislation to combat the climate crisis” – but we take issue with this characterization, and with many of the provisions of the legislation that would cripple our nation’s oil and gas industry. First, the best way to “combat the climate […]

The American oil and gas industry is committed to protecting the environment

By: Anne Bradbury, CEO of the American Exploration and Production Council The American oil and natural gas industry is dedicated to developing affordable, reliable energy to meet the world’s growing demand, while continuing to protect the environment. Over the last several years, the US has already reduced emissions more than any other country in the […]

Did you know? Natural Gas Keeps Energy Costs Down in the Winter

As the winter months approach, Americans will experience firsthand the benefits of domestically-produced natural gas. As the primary source of heating energy for many states, particularly in the northeast, it is easy to see (and feel) how AXPC members are providing for communities across the country. Natural gas’ unique ability to serve as a reliable […]

Did you know? Cybersecurity is an important part of American energy production

Cybersecurity in oil and gas operations is vital to maintaining the safety of the nation’s energy supply. As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws to a close, it is important to remember safety and security threats are rapidly evolving with technology. AXPC members stand ready to respond to whatever cybersecurity threats may arise within their businesses. […]

How American Producers are Tackling Emissions

It’s well known that the United States is a leader in oil and natural gas production, but lesser known is the fact that America is also a leader in reducing emissions. Our nation’s oil and natural gas producers are dedicated to developing affordable energy while proactively protecting and improving air quality. AXPC members know that […]