Unleash American Energy Production

AXPC member companies – producers of American energy – are authors of the great American Shale Revolution – a time when domestic energy production transformed our nation’s energy landscape. During this time, the price of most household goods increased significantly, yet energy costs went down due to the domestically produced oil and natural gas unlocked […]

The Biden Administration Hits Peak Energy Absurdity

By: Anne Bradbury, AXPC CEO for RealClear Energy Methane Fee, Windfall Profits Taxes, Repealing IDCs, calls for FTC investigations into price gouging, and now a federal gasoline tax suspension.  The Administration’s energy policy is disjointed and often counterproductive. Rather than flailing attacks on the oil and natural gas industry, leaders in Washington need a serious […]

Policies to Lower Gasoline Prices

This month’s energy inflation numbers – 35 percent overall, including 48.7 percent for gasoline – are a sobering reminder of the pain Americans are feeling every time we drive, buy groceries, or go on vacation. Since President Biden has been in office, the average cost of gasoline has more than doubled. This pain at the […]

Stopping US Crude Oil Exports Could Increase Gas Prices – Not Lower Them

Summary US crude oil exports increase the global supply of crude oil, which helps lower prices at the pump Expanding US oil production has been linked with lower gasoline prices Restricting US crude oil exports could raise the cost of gasoline and other refined products at a time when Americans are already paying record prices […]

We are responsibly producing to meet current demand and future projections

By: Anne Bradbury, AXPC CEO for RealClearEnergy Oil and natural gas are global commodities – their price is a result of supply and demand. Geopolitical disruptions like Russia’s brazen invasion of Ukraine cause unpredictability and extreme volatility in global energy markets. International conflict and inflation at home are serious issues, and our industry is working […]

American Energy Supports Geopolitical Stability

Over the past decade, the United States has become an energy superpower, more than doubling crude oil production to nearly 11.5 million barrels a day, and in 2018, surpassing Russia in production to become the largest producer in the world. This means the United States has dramatically reduced its reliance on foreign oil, and today, […]

Congress’ Latest “Windfall Profits Tax” is Another New Tax on Americans

The latest inflation numbers from the US Department of Labor show that inflation has jumped by 7.9 percent over the past year, with energy inflation at a staggering 25.6 percent, including 38 percent for gasoline alone. These troubling numbers illustrate the degree to which Americans are suffering by the hidden tax that is inflation. Unfortunately, […]

AXPC Policy Recommendations to Support Energy Security for Americans and our Allies

The US has an abundant supply of oil and natural gas to meet our economic, climate, and geopolitical goals. US oil and natural gas is produced under some of the most stringent safety and environmental regulations in the world. And oil and natural gas underpin every aspect of modern life, holding the flexibility to be […]